Monday, September 27, 2010

Eclipse Helios PDT and 50% CPU Usage

Running Windows XP, PDT 2.2 and Eclipse Helios All In One.

Eclipse would remain sluggish even after a clean install and waiting for a period of time for the build to finish.

One possible to having unaturally high CPU usage is:

Go to preference and turn off Semantic Highlighting.

As a side note another one is to turn off code folding.


Perry A. said...

I *think* I found it !!!


a) That Eclipse for PHP (Eclipse PDT) is updated just about everyday complete with daily builds. I can only assume this is from a team of very dedicated and competent developers who only want the same thing you do.

b) That only a small portion of us have been coming here complaining about our CPU maxing out while trying to edit PHP code.


a) I have turned off just about every item in the preferences box to no avail.


In my past experience with software, especially large black boxes that normally work well for others. When faced with a situation that does not seem to respond to conventional theory... I like to do the unconventional. In this case... simply take care of the "little things".

In this particular case this means that I:

#1) Did an update via Help->Check for Software Updates
#2) Installed the latest updates
#3) Removed the old workspace and created a new one
#4) Paid attention to ALL THE WARNINGS, especially the YELLOW warnings which kept pointing to all the HTML errors in code that I either wasn't really using or meant to clean up anyway.

In other words...

Once I eliminated ALL THE WARNINGS.... The CPU stopped maxing out !!!

After updating the to latest Eclipse build and then taking the time to either fix the warnings and/or remove ALL unnecessary source code (that was slated to removed anyway)... the CPU returned to "normal".

In other words...

The problem was not that Eclipse PDT wasn't working properly... was that it was working TOO GOOD !!!

It was doing precisely what it was designed to do... check ( & recheck ) for warnings in your source code while the keyboard was considered dormant.


There you go...

Pay attention to ALL the warnings in your "Problems" window and do what it takes to reduce the number of warnings to ZERO !!!

And then report back here with your findings.

I honestly cannot believe just how well my Ubuntu 10.04 (32 bit) installation is operating on a $500 Compaq Presario. It's a dream and ALL I did was take care of the "little things".



bunwich said...

I'm going to have to keep my eye out the next time I see the cpu maxing out. I've upgraded my computer once since I wrote this post and the 4 gig of mem with pdt 3.0.0 has kept this problem under check.

Thanks for the update.